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I found this while doing an inspection on a new build. The strap that is supposed to support the duct was actually cutting off air flow.

When there are two electrical wires going into a breaker that is designed for only one we call that double tapping. This most often happens when a landscaper installs a sprinkler control box and ties in to get power.

The issue here is on the water heater pressure temperature relief valve extension. The pipe from the PTRV should be ran in such a manor as to drain with gravity and terminate no more that 6" above a acceptable area.

Here are some of the issues that I have found while doing a home inspection.

Garbage disposal is missing the strain relief for the electrical cord, this is an important feature because vibration from the disposal can cut the electrical cord causing a short or a fire.

This is a home that was rewired on a remodel, all wire splices should be in a junction box.

Cut truss brackets, found during a home inspection on a house that had been remodeled.

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I have inspected large homes,  small homes, and inexpensive to expensive homes; New or old, they have all had one thing in common...they all have issues. Let me find them for you.

I found this during a pre-drywall inspection. You can see that the junction box that houses the electrical outlet and wiring was broken.

The door to the hall bathroom was hitting the toilet. Believe it or not this was on a brand new home.

This house had an issue with termites in the attic. What you are seeing are termite tubes hanging down from the rafters. Termites are a common problem here in Arizona however they can be easily controlled.