"I have hired Tim McKean, Family First Inspections for home inspections for several years now and highly recommend him. Tim is extremely thorough, very knowledgeable and good with the clients - a delicate balance of educating them without alarming them if it's not necessary. I've found Tim's rates to be very fair, too."

~Wendy Wagner, Realtor (Glass House International Real Estate)

"I have used Tim for home inspections three times over several years and found him to be very professional using all the up-to-date methods available. His reports were clear and easy to understand. I felt he was very thorough. In fact he usually found things the builder had not done correctly when the house was built. I have recommended him to several other people and they have had similar experiences. I would not hesitate to use Tim again in the future. In addition, his fee was very reasonable."

~Scott Miner

"Tim McKean, with Family First Home Inspections, has been my preferred home inspector since 2007.  I always feel confident in referring Tim to my buyer clients, knowing that he is extremely meticulous in his inspection of a property and knowing that his presentation of the findings, to the buyer, will be done in a calm manner, in easy-to-understand language.   After the inspection, Tim always makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns that the buyer or the seller and their agent, may have, even weeks or months later.  Any vendors I recommend reflect directly on me, as my client's trusted resource.  Tim can be counted on to further reflect the care and concern I have for my clients."

~Bitsie Fort, Realtor (ReMax Infinity)

"I had Family First Home Inspections inspect my very first home and was very pleased with how everything went.  Tim took lots of pictures and I feel very informed on what needs to be fixed.  Thanks Tim!"

~Adam Smith

"Family First Home Inspections was very thorough, professional and courteous.  Tim took his time going over the inspection with me and the potential buyer, answering any questions that came up."

~Linda Shell, Realtor (Revel Realty)

"It is with great confidence that we give our highest recommendation to Family First Home Inspections.  Tim was very thorough, professional and friendly.  He did a great Job."

​​~ David and Janell Farell


By Buyer's and Real Estate Agents

"We decided it was time for us to downsize to a smaller home that would be less maintenance and upkeep for our senior years. After finding a house that we wanted and placing a firm offer on it, we followed the advice of our realtor and hired Tim McKean - Family First Home Inspections to perform the home inspection. Tim was very professional, courteous and through. Thanks to his sharp eye and thoroughness a structural issue was discovered that could have morphed into a future costly repair for us. We withdrew our offer and continued looking for our perfect house which we did find; had it also inspected by Family First Home Inspections and are now enjoying it very much."

~Ron & Bambi,

Ahwatukee, AZ

"Every experience with Family First Home Inspection is always professional, thorough and extremely friendly! They are dedicated to the customers satisfaction, and their services always exceed my expectations. I highly recommend Tim McKean and his team to any client who is interested in timely, respectful and efficient services in home inspection..."

~Kimberly Harland (Branch Manager, Nova Home Loans)

"I have been a Realtor for too many years to count and would like to say thank you! I have been looking for a great inspection company that can handle both big homes as well as the average size properties. You came to me by referral which in my business means a lot.....  I could not be  more pleased! Personally, the 100% buy back policy your company offers is not something I have seen before.  I love the guarantee offered to my clients as it only confirms your thoroughness. Your prices are competitive. The report is easy to manage with the links you provide when filling out a Binsr and the summary which makes it easier to print if its a large property. Job Well Done- Tim and Family First Home Inspections!!!"

~Shannon Rojas, Realtor (Az Home Source Realty)

"Tim has inspected two homes for us. The most recent inspection was for a home we are planning to purchase. Since he had done such a thorough job on the first inspection, we knew we HAD to have him inspect this home before even offering a purchase contract. We are so grateful to Tim for yet another fantastic experience.
I must say it is a delight working with Tim . . . he is personable, meticulous, takes pride in his work, and ensures he has 'turned over every stone'. I have never had a home inspector take as much time and show such depth of knowledge in all facets of the home as Tim does! He notices all items that need repair (even items that may appear quite minor). He makes a distinction between what MUST be attended to and what the buyer may need/want to attend to in the future. To me, this is invaluable. It makes it very simple for the buyer to look through his report and identify the critical issues. He will even go over the report with you in person. His inspection fee is worth every penny and more!
His report is well written, very understandable, and all-encompassing. He includes pictures of areas that homeowners can't typically see and don't have access to (i.e., the roof, eaves, stucco, fascia & soffits, water supply lines, shut off valves, attic, etc.) This is extremely helpful when calling in a repair person as the photos can lead them to the issue right away, saving time and money.
In addition to Tim's unparalleled work ethic, he is a kind and honest man. I would not hesitate to recommend Family First Home Inspections to my friends and family (or anyone who is looking to purchase a home). I can guarantee that they will be thrilled!"

~ Phebe W.

Family First Home INspections Inc.



"My Realtor suggested Tim McKean (as she does for every buyer) to perform the home inspection for my first home purchase.  Buying a home can be a daunting process; buying a first home is a bit more intimidating; and buying a first home built in 1951 made the process all the more unnerving.  A thorough inspection was obviously one of, if not the, most important part of the entire process. 

Thankfully, my Realtor had recommended the best in the business to inspect my future home.  Tim was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, prepared, and trustworthy, and he presented the results of the inspection in a concise, clear, and understandable manner.  Because of Tim’s outstanding work, my home will be safer, more durable, and well-equipped to last another 60 years.  There are hundreds of people across the Valley purporting to be “home inspectors,” but being able to trust both the inspector and the inspection is a rare find.  Simply put, you won’t find better than Tim McKean."

~Zach Fort

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